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Ringing in the holiday season with consumer sentiment at a 6-month low

Nov 10, 2023
The latest consumer survey from the University of Michigan shows that sentiment dropped for the fourth straight month.
Through lockdowns and supply chain snarls, inflation and interest rate hikes, consumer spending has remained resilient.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Why are Americans' views on the economy so mixed?

Oct 30, 2023
In one poll, 44% of respondents say they’re stressed about the economy. Meanwhile, 34% say they’re optimistic.
Change is hard. And it’s not fun, even if your raise does cover how much extra you’re spending at the grocery store. 
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Should the U.S. be worried about deflation? 

Sep 29, 2023
As price gains cool down, we consider the risk that the trend will go too far. Plus, is consumer sentiment a trustworthy indicator of economic activity?
Price gains have been on the decline after a bout of decades-high inflation that started during the pandemic. It's a welcome change for consumers, but deflation is another threat to the economy.
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Why do consumers keep on spending — even when they don't have the cash?

Aug 14, 2023
Households feel their finances have been improving, the New York Fed says. But Americans appear to be racking up more credit card debt.
Analysts are looking at consumers' motivations for robust spending despite high prices and mounting debt. Per one theory, the feeling of surviving hardship and unpredictability has made them more confident.  
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Are we finally exiting the "vibecession"?

Aug 2, 2023
We asked content creator and independent economics educator Kyla Scanlon if consumer sentiment is finally matching up with economic data.
"I think things are trending upward for most people," says economics educator Kyla Scanlon. "But still, it can feel like there's sometimes maybe something missing or something a little bit off."
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Consumer confidence is rebounding. Here's why.

Jul 26, 2023
The University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index is up 40% over last year, aided by moderating inflation and job market strength.
"We know from history that as long as folks are working, they feel more comfortable about spending,” said Quincy Krosby of LPL Financial.
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Why there's a disconnect between consumer spending and consumer confidence

Jun 28, 2023
Tracking how shoppers feel is important — consumer spending makes up a whopping 70% of GDP.
Individual consumer spending had stayed up recently, even when overall consumer confidence has been down.
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For public good, not for profit.

People over 55 are more glum about the economy, consumer survey says

May 30, 2023
People in that age group have less time left to earn or save money for retirement and have had more time to accrue debt.
In some ways, how you feel about the economy in your 60s and 70s depends on how things went in earlier decades. 
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Consumers say they're doing fine, but the economy as a whole isn't. Why?

May 23, 2023
It all depends on the questions pollsters ask. "How are you doing?" will elicit a different answer than "How do you feel about inflation?"
According to a survey out this week, almost three-quarters of people feel at least OK about their own personal economies. But other surveys suggest people think differently about the broader economy.
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Dour consumers have cut their spending. Could that help trigger a recession?

Apr 14, 2023
Consumer sentiment's been up and down lately.
There definitely has been a decline in spending on goods like furniture and electronics, says  Bill Adams of Comerica Bank.
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