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Why Republican consumers are glum and Democrats upbeat

Aug 31, 2022
Consumer sentiment increasingly splits along party lines, with partisans of whoever holds the White House far more optimistic.
Data shows consumer sentiment is increasingly split along party lines. Right now, the gap between political tribes is nearly 35 points, according to the University of Michigan's survey.
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Gas prices are down, but consumer sentiment is up only slightly. Why?

Aug 15, 2022
Fears about a possible recession, as well as still-high prices for food and rent, are making people more cautious in their spending.
A bus driver fills up at a gas station in Brooklyn on August 11, 2022 in New York City. While fuel prices are still historically high, they have fallen below four dollars a gallon in some regions of the country, bringing inflation relief to millions of Americans who depend on their cars for work and other activities.
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Survey finds consumers feel a little better about the economy

Aug 12, 2022
The University of Michigan survey shows improvement, especially among low- and middle-income consumers, who have struggled most with inflation.
Though sentiment is still a mixed bag, people are a bit more optimistic about the economic outlook.
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February was another disappointment for retail sales

Mar 16, 2022
They've been up and down like a bouncing ball for the past few months.
Not adjusting for inflation, retail sales in February were up just 0.3% over January. Factoring in inflation, they were actually down.
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Consumer sentiment is down. Will consumer spending follow?

Feb 14, 2022
The University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index is at a 10-year low. But consumer demand and savings remain high.
The job market is booming. Wages are rising. And yet for the past few months now, consumers have been feeling worse and worse about their finances and the state of the U.S. economy.
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Consumers confidence drags while economy takes a roller coaster ride

Jan 31, 2022
Higher wages and low unemployment are good news to people. Inflation isn't.
A Gallup poll finds that 80% of Americans think inflation will continue to rise in the coming six months.
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Consumers feel the pinch as inflation, omicron drag on

Jan 28, 2022
Despite good economic data like GDP growth, many Americans are not optimistic.
Though the economic recovery is going strong, inflation is taking a toll on consumer sentiment.
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Consumer sentiment takes another hit in December

Jan 14, 2022
University of Michigan data shows inflation is starting to bite more for consumers at the low end of the income spectrum.
How consumers feel about the economy versus their own personal economic outlooks are two very different stories.
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How do Americans feel about the economy? Not very hopeful, poll finds.

Rising prices for staples like food and gas was a key worry for respondents, along with concerns about COVID and political power.
Rising prices for things like food and gas were key worries mentioned by poll respondents.

The economy is in good shape. Why are people feeling down about it?

Jan 6, 2022
Several indicators suggest that the economy is humming along. But recent surveys show, a growing number of people feel exactly the opposite.
Though inflation is hampering consumers' views of the economy, people often overestimate how high inflation really is.
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