Consumers feel the pinch as inflation, omicron drag on

Jan 28, 2022
Despite good economic data like GDP growth, many Americans are not optimistic.
Though the economic recovery is going strong, inflation is taking a toll on consumer sentiment.
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Consumer sentiment takes another hit in December

Jan 14, 2022
University of Michigan data shows inflation is starting to bite more for consumers at the low end of the income spectrum.
How consumers feel about the economy versus their own personal economic outlooks are two very different stories.
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How do Americans feel about the economy? Not very hopeful, poll finds.

Rising prices for staples like food and gas was a key worry for respondents, along with concerns about COVID and political power.
Rising prices for things like food and gas were key worries mentioned by poll respondents.

The economy is in good shape. Why are people feeling down about it?

Jan 6, 2022
Several indicators suggest that the economy is humming along. But recent surveys show, a growing number of people feel exactly the opposite.
Though inflation is hampering consumers' views of the economy, people often overestimate how high inflation really is.
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As COVID surges again, consumers and workers are worn out but resilient

Dec 29, 2021
Pandemic-related negativity and fear isn't leading to negative or fearful economic behavior.
American workers are feeling burned out as they enter year three of COVID-19. They also have newfound leverage.
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Consumers, worried about the economy, keep spending anyway

Nov 26, 2021
What's behind the trend and how long it might last?
Consumer spending continues to be strong — but there's a chance emerging variants could change that.
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Why are people so glum about the economy?

Nov 12, 2021
Wages are up and unemployment is down. So why has consumer sentiment plunged to levels not seen in a decade?
The pandemic and inflation are weighing on consumers' moods, counteracting the abundance of jobs and the rise in incomes.
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Consumers’ confidence, spending less buoyant than their job prospects

Oct 1, 2021
Inflation is eating away at incomes while the delta variant is discouraging consumers from going out and spending.
After accounting for inflation, the August consumer spending and income statistics were unimpressive.
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Consumer sentiment plummeted in early August, driven by surge of delta variant

Aug 13, 2021
The University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index shows the rise of the delta variant this summer has curbed spending.
An empty New York restaurant in May 2020. A resurgence of COVID cases is weighing on consumers' moods, especially among the vaccinated.
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Consumer sentiment offers another window into economic recovery

Jul 16, 2021
All eyes will be on feelings about inflation for the month of July.
The University of Michigan's consumer sentiment survey One question in the consumer sentiment survey asks people about the big purchases they make for their homes, like appliances and furniture.
Joe Raedle via Getty Images