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This week: The Postal Service, the CFPB (non) confirmation

Dec 9, 2011
We talk to one of our Washington reporters about what happened in the news this week.

Senate Republicans block Cordray nomination to CFPB

Dec 9, 2011
U.S. Senate Republicans blocked former Ohio attorney general Richard Cordray's appointment as director of the CFPB. The new bureau is a centerpiece in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

Barney Frank on the future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Dec 8, 2011
The consumer bureau was supposed to be a key part of Congressman Frank's financial reform law, the Dodd-Frank act. He talks about his frustration with Republicans who voted to block the confirmation of a director.

CFPB rewrites credit card fine print

Dec 7, 2011
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants customers to understand their credit cards better. So, they've unveiled a new and shorter prototype of a credit card agreement.

The battle over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Dec 7, 2011
Republicans are trying to block the appointment of Richard Cordray as director of the CFPB in preference of a commission; Democrats say it's a fight against consumer protection.

REPORT: Warren searching for replacement as consumer watchdog chief

Dec 30, 2010
When Elizabeth Warren took the job as interim chief of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau there were no guarantees the Harvard law prof...

MID-DAY UPDATE: GDP is up, cement gets the blame and Fox loses younger viewers

Oct 29, 2010
The U.S. gross domestic product grew at a 2 percent clip, somewhat less than analysts were expecting. On the election ballot in San Francisco --...

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