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After the long night of inflation, consumers finally expect to see the sun

Jan 8, 2024
Consumers forecast inflation at 3% a year from now, the lowest their short-term expectations have been in three years.
One reason consumers are feeling better about inflation is that major price hikes for essentials like gasoline and eggs appear to be in the past. But that doesn't mean prices will fall.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Consumers expect inflation to tick down in the next 3 years

Sep 11, 2023
But they expect other key measures to be less positive. Here's what that means for the Fed.
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Consumers are on an inflation expectations roller coaster

Feb 14, 2022
Even though sentiment has tanked, a New York Fed survey finds that consumers expect inflation to ease in the future.
Consumers are feeling the pinch of inflation pretty much any time they open their pocketbooks — but they're optimistic that price gains will ease in the coming years.
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Consumers are getting used to higher inflation

Oct 13, 2021
The consumer price index rose 5.4% year over year, as consumers' inflation expectations hit a series high of 5.3%, the New York Fed said.
Consumers are feeling inflation everywhere from groceries to rent to gas prices. Above, customers shop for fresh fish in San Francisco in 2021.
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