A new company is trying to get between your bank and your financial apps

by Justin Ho May 16, 2019
Fidelity's parent company is trying to give customers a little more control over what data the apps can retrieve.
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Big Tech is prepping for California's tough new privacy law

by Molly Wood Apr 18, 2019
While some are planning for compliance, others keep fighting to weaken it.
Leon Neal/Getty Images
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Amazon knows what we buy, and it's turning that into a huge ad business

by Molly Wood Feb 20, 2019
Facebook and Google might need to watch out.
Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

Treasury intervention could give more help to data breach victims

by Justin Ho Aug 2, 2018
This week, the Treasury Department issued recommendations to protect consumers from big data breaches, like the ones we’ve seen at Equifax and Target. Among the Treasury Department’s recommendations: creating a national standard for handling the aftermath of data breaches. Click…
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That emoji you just tweeted could determine the next ad you see

by Peter Balonon-Rosen Feb 16, 2018
Cashing in on smiley faces ... or animals, vegetables, dancers...
Since 2016, Twitter has partnered with ad agencies to target people based on their emoji use.
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Tech in retail, from the good to the gimmicky

by Adriene Hill Nov 21, 2017
Retailers are using technology to attract more customers into their stores.
Shoppers walk among the Christmas lights in a mall.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Your online privacy may soon come with a price tag

by Jed Kim Mar 29, 2017
VPN providers are eyeing ways to make you feel more secure, for a fee.

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African-Americans paying higher auto insurance rates

by Dina Gachman Nov 18, 2015
A new report illuminates serious problems with auto insurance premiums that the CFA is urging legislators and regulators to address.
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Uber's data makes a creepy point about the company

by Kai Ryssdal Nov 18, 2014
A 2012 blog post from Uber's data team tracked post-one-night-stand rides.

How to sell your private data - if you really want to

by Sam Harnett Aug 27, 2014
There are a bunch of new ways you can sell your own data for profit.

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