Some NYC businesses are trying to negotiate for lower rent

Nov 16, 2020
With pandemic restrictions still cutting into revenues, some business owners say they need a break on commercial rent. But not all landlords are willing to negotiate.
Joanne Kwong at one of Pearl River Mart's locations.
Camille Petersen

What will happen to New York's sky high rents?

Jul 2, 2020
Some are getting breaks on commercial and residential rent, but it won't last forever.
A banner calling for New York Gov. Cuomo to cancel rent in May as people struggle to pay rent during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Some big companies seek breaks on rent

May 19, 2020
Commercial leases are typically hard to break, but many landlords are willing to defer or discount rent right now
A WeWork office in San Francisco. WeWork's CEO said the company hasn’t paid April and May rent in some locations.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images