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Wheat, corn, cannabis? Farmers eye next cash crop

Apr 20, 2016
With the demand for cannabis growing, farmers realize their expertise has value
Well-trained plant breeders can now entertain a new calling: marijuana. Breeding programs, like this one at The Farm in Boulder, Colo., are becoming a significant commercial enterprise.
Luke Runyon/ KUNC and Harvest Public Media

Local Money: Google moves into Boulder, Colorado

Nov 13, 2015
Google's expanding its Boulder, Colorado campus, but some residents are worried about the effects on housing costs.

Should sheepherders get a pay raise?

Oct 1, 2015
They are mostly immigrant guest workers who don't make minimum wage.
Most sheepherders in the U.S. are immigrant guest workers who are not subject to the federal minimum wage. The department of labor is looking into a pay raise.
Joe Mahoney/Rocky Mountain PBS I-News

Colorado court takes up local laws limiting fracking

Sep 23, 2015
Communities have more costs, fewer benefits from oil drilling and fracking.

Telluride Festival is where the Oscar season starts

The Colorado festival's lineup is secret.
A still of Carey Mulligan as character Maud Watts  in the film "Suffragette." The movie is part of the Telluride Film Festival's lineup this year. 
Image via Film4video/YouTube

Contaminated river leaves businesses at a standstill

Aug 11, 2015
Rafting companies along the Animas are facing the effects of the mine spill.

When speed traps keep a city budget afloat

Jul 7, 2015
Some cities in the U.S. rely heavily on speeding tickets and revenue from other infractions to keep their budgets afloat.

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Quitting the Bakken: one oil worker walks away

Mar 23, 2015
With hours cut, work in the Bakken oil fields don't seem worth it to one worker.

A different kind of higher education

Dec 16, 2014
A Colorado college wrestles with promoting sober academics while surrounded by marijuana.

Counting students in order to count up funding

Oct 1, 2014
There's a census of sorts in Colorado schools on Wednesday, which helps determine school budgets.