Money thoughts for a 'perfectionist uncle'

Jan 11, 2012
I have a wonderful little 4-year old niece for whom I have been setting aside money. Currently, it is just going into a savings account as I have perhaps been letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. It seems like the 529 plans out there vary in performance and fees quite a bit. I'm having trouble finding any good resources to compare them. I want something that is not going to be overly vulnerable to the whims of the stock market while also not hitting me with high fees. Any suggestions? Jason, Grand Forks, ND

Colleges may see a drop in applications

Dec 30, 2011
After years of record numbers, spurred in part by colleges' own marketing, applications may fall as families consider the cost of tuition. Some colleges are even hoping for a drop.

Why the ones in power should be held accountable

Dec 3, 2011
In the aftermath of the recent scandals at various universities, there have been calls for the leaders of these institutions to step down. Should higher education officials be held accountable for what happens far down the leadership chain?

Foreign students in U.S. at record high

Nov 14, 2011
700,000 students enrolled at U.S. university and college campuses last year from abroad, contributing $21 billion to the U.S. economy, according to a new report.

The student debt band-aid

Oct 26, 2011
President Obama's aid to student borrowers is okay. It will allow graduates to consolidate and reduce the interest rates on their student loans. It...

Net Price Calculators: Be Wary

Oct 21, 2011
Mark Kantrowitz is the go-to person when it comes to anything involving financial aid for college and graduate school. He's the publisher of the...

A bad decade for college grads

Sep 28, 2011
It has been a rough decade for college grads when it comes to earnings, especially men....

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UNC: strong basketball program, not so great for file sharing in the dorms

Sep 16, 2011
If students living in the dorms at the University of North Carolina have file sharing software on their computers, they are now greeted with the...

Student loans and a stagnant economy

Aug 12, 2011
Among the most troubling effects of the economic stall and moribund job market is how hard it hits young college graduates. These are the people...

Don't know much about FAFSA

Jun 29, 2011
To get financial aid to help pay for college you have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. It's a complicated form...