College enrollment overall has dipped, but it's down significantly at community colleges

Oct 16, 2020
That could be because many community college students need jobs to pay tuition.
College enrollment is down just 4% compared to last year, according to the National School Clearinghouse Research Center. But the drop-off is much steeper when it comes to first-year students and those at community colleges.
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Colleges grapple with student food insecurity during COVID-19

May 8, 2020
Schools are trying to assess student needs through the summer, and possibly through the coming year
Anthony Maly, senior program manager in the University of Missouri-Kansas City Office of Student Involvement, unloads canned goods at the school’s food pantry.
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College communities rally together to support students struggling with campus departures

Mar 20, 2020
Alumni, professors and fellow students have donated time, money and resources to help those who have to leave campus but don't have an easy path home.
Students are worried about more than just whether or not commencement will happen. Some have uncertain living situations now that campuses are closing.
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Campus chaos: International students navigate COVID-19 closures

Mar 18, 2020
Whether they're heading home or finding a way to remain on campus, international students have had their semesters upended by COVID-19.
When news broke that Harvard was shutting down in-person classes for the rest of the semester, international students had to figure out how they would stay on campus or depart.
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Inside today's fraternities

Jan 1, 2019
A lot of us have an image of what they look like. Is it justified?
Greek organizations "occupy this unique position where they are both dependent on universities and separate from them, and they are big businesses," author Alexandra Robbins says. Above, the Phi Kappa Theta fraternity house at San Diego State University in California in 2012.
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As many students nationwide grapple with hunger, California offers food assistance

Sep 29, 2017
A survey of 34 universities and community colleges found that about 48 percent of students reported food insecurity in the previous 30 days, 22 percent with such low levels of food security that they qualified as hungry.
Emaline Friedman, a Ph.D. student and CalFresh recipient, unpacks groceries in her Los Angeles apartment.
Emaline Friedman/ for Marketplace

NYU program piles on classes for early graduation

May 25, 2017
That's a year's worth of tuition saved. But something may be lost as well.
Students celebrate at the beginning of commencement ceremonies at New York University.
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Study suggests attending college full time is better

Apr 20, 2017
Only about 40 percent of community college students earn a degree within six years. But students who go to class full time are much more likely to graduate. A new study finds that even one semester of full-time attendance makes a difference.  Click the audio player above to hear the full story.

DeVos rescinds Obama-era directives cracking down on federal student loan servicers

Apr 13, 2017
If you are one of the 42 million people out there with federal student loans, you have surely come into contact with a loan servicer. That is a company or nonprofit paid by the federal government to collect your payments and handle any problems with the loan — the name Navient may ring a bell. […]

What does 'college affordability' mean?

Apr 4, 2017
The Urban Institute has some answers in an online resource.
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