How much will college cost? A new initiative wants to make it clear.

Sep 27, 2023
More than 360 schools have committed to the initiative, but thousands in the U.S. haven't. That will make comparison shopping hard.
People gather on a quad at the University of Virginia. UVA is one of more than 360 colleges that have committed to being more transparent with potential students about the net price of attendance.
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Will tuition waivers make universities more accessible to Indigenous students?

May 2, 2022
The University of California is the latest public land grant university system to waive tuition for some Native American students. But tuition costs are just one financial barrier that keeps Indigenous people from getting degrees.
Starting this fall, tuition will be waved for students enrolled in the University of California system who are citizens of federally recognized tribes. Above, an aerial view of UCLA.
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Momentum builds for Biden to cancel student loan debt

Marketplace senior economics contributor Chris Farrell thinks it's become a matter of when and how much debt will be canceled.
The administration proposed a student-loan repayment system based on earnings and family size in conjunction with its plan to cancel some student debt.
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How am I going to pay for this? Saving for your kids’ college education

Sep 30, 2019
We heard from parents across America about how they're trying to save for college. Here are five of their stories.
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Scaling down the college dream because of cost

Jan 8, 2016
When high school students have to face the limitations of college tuition costs

For public good, not for profit.

American students head to Germany for free college

Apr 1, 2015
More American students are getting degrees in other countries with free college.

How German higher education controls costs

Mar 31, 2015
What America can learn from taxpayers who foot the bill for free university.