Another FAFSA snag is delaying financial aid offers for prospective college students

Feb 1, 2024
There's a push to convince colleges and universities to extend their admission deadlines to give students — and schools — more time.
The most recent delay means school counselors will have a month less than usual to help students understand financial aid options.
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Automatic college admissions can be a boon to students and schools alike

Aug 15, 2022
More schools are willing to say: If your grades (and maybe test scores) are good enough, you're in!
Some colleges are opting for a direct admissions approach to accepting students — no college applications required.
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Students face standardized test dilemma as colleges split on their use

Mar 30, 2022
Some colleges are bringing back SAT and ACT requirements. Others have dropped them permanently. What's a college applicant to do?
More than 1,800 colleges and universities in the U.S. don't require the SAT or ACT for admissions, the National Center for Fair and Open Testing says.
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