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Keeping avocados (and other imports) fresh depends on the growing cold chain

Nov 16, 2023
Imported avocados make up roughly 90% of U.S. supply — most are from Mexico. Many of these fruits pass through the Port of Laredo, which has seen recent growth in cold chain infrastructure.
A forklift moves boxes of produce at the Mission Produce distribution facility in Laredo, Texas.
Elizabeth Trovall/Marketplace

Strict storage requirements could pose a problem for future COVID vaccines

Needing to store the vaccine at a temperature range outside the norm adds just one more layer of complexity to the logistical challenge.
"The science can be good, but it is of no value if it doesn't ultimately get to the people in an appropriate, safe, secure way that will allow them to derive the benefit," says Thomas Tighe of Direct Relief.
Pedro Vilela/Getty Images