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The economic realities in the heart of coal country

Aug 19, 2019
Jennifer Silva's book details the lives, fortunes and politics of people living in a Pennsylvania coal town.
A Donald Trump sign hangs in the window in the town of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, near the West Virginia border in 2018.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Some former coal towns turn to nature tourism as a new economic driver

Feb 28, 2018
Tourism economy around natural beauty is starting to replace extractive industries in some former West Virginia and PA coal towns.
Cyclists cross a bridge over the Youghiogheny River, veering off the Great Allegheny Passage, to check out downtown West Newton.
Courtesy of Rick Armstrong

There's no giving up on coal in Greene County, Pennsylvania

Dec 1, 2017
While there's plenty of money for free job training in health care and trucking, local workers pack coal classes instead.
Students sit in a miner training class at a career center in Greene County, Pennsylvania.
Erika Beras/Marketplace