If the economy is rigged, toward whom?

Oct 20, 2016
Most say the rich and companies benefit. Beyond that, there are stark divisions.
Most Americans agree economic benefits are skewed toward the rich, along with big corporations.
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Unions bet big on the Senate

Oct 18, 2016
A chamber lead by Dems seen as friendlier to labor.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO's Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

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The history of dirty politics as told through campaign buttons

Oct 14, 2016
Before the viral video, there was the campaign button.
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Why Trump's taxable income could be close to zero

Sep 9, 2016
The presidential candidate says he'll release returns after an audit. Opponents claim he's hiding something.
Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump announces his tax plan during a press conference at Trump Tower in New York on September 28, 2015. 


Clinton drug plan: is it enough?

Sep 2, 2016
What would it take to control drug prices?
Rather than tackling the soaring prices of drugs overall, Clinton economic policy advisor Mike Shapiro said their plan is to address the insidious problem where a subset of drug makers crank up prices on generics, just because they can.

Clinton economic policies rely on tax changes

Aug 11, 2016
In a speech near Detroit, Clinton said the rich and corporations should pay more.
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton plans to tax corporations that move jobs outside of the country to pay for her initiatives.
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Inside the not-so-invisible primary

Apr 24, 2015
A Republican media strategist explains the money-gathering time before a campaign.

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Chelsea Clinton wants more girls involved in STEM

Jun 24, 2014
A look at ways to close the gender gap in science and medicine.

Clinton talks online freedom

Dec 9, 2011
At The Freedom Online Conference yesterday in the Netherlands, Hilary Clinton told an audience that Internet freedom a “human right.“ CNN reports: “The right to religious freedom, assembly or political activism, she said, should extend to all human beings ‘whether…

Hillary Clinton wants to get more girls into tech

Jul 7, 2011
Hillary Clinton spoke about how women can capitalize on technology just as much as men. She announced a new initiative called "TechGirls", which,...