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Job and city switching surge in the pandemic

Dec 15, 2021
LinkedIn finds a sharp rise in remote jobs on offer, and people searching for them in small "lifestyle" cities like Bend, Oregon.
The outdoorsy and picturesque city of Bend, Oregon,  is among the locales where many jobseekers have been searching for remote gigs, according to LinkedIn.
JamesBrey via Getty Images

Downtown Atlanta's growth elusive in its inner core

Oct 15, 2019
While residents continue to flock to the city, downtown Atlanta is still short on basic residential amenities.
A view of downtown Atlanta, Georgia.
Christian Petersen / Getty Images

How residents crossed party lines to revitalize this Pennsylvania city

Jul 5, 2018
The philosophy of some the people living in this town: "You check your politics at the door."
North Duke Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 
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