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Boosting chip production is “an investment in America’s national security,” Commerce secretary says

Apr 25, 2023
“The stakes are so high” when it comes to making the U.S. a leader in this key technology, says Gina Raimondo.
“The stakes are so high” when it comes to making the U.S. a leader in semiconductors, says Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.
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A U.S. manufacturing boost is causing anxiety abroad

Feb 20, 2023
The Biden administration's reshoring efforts, aimed largely at cutting dependence on China, dismays allies who seek U.S. investment.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The EU and other American allies have expressed unease over the scope of U.S. government funding of domestic industries such as semiconductors and low-carbon energy equipment.
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How does a manufacturer for manufacturers view today's economy?

Feb 15, 2023
Blake Moret, chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, says that the manufacturing sector remains strong despite a recent slowdown.
For Rockwell Automation head Blake Moret, the manufacturing sector is remaining strong thanks to order backlogs and government funding from legislation passed during Biden's presidency.
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What does it take for chip manufacturers to get a new plant up and running?

Aug 23, 2022
Semiconductor makers seek locations with plenty of space, water, electricity and workers. First, they need megabucks for construction.
An array of machines at a semiconductor plant in Germany. Now that the CHIPS Act has passed, chipmakers are looking to build more facilities in the U.S.
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Democrats pass major agenda items, but they have a lot of hard work ahead

Democrats need to make the Inflation Reduction Act live up to its promise, Felicia Wong of the Roosevelt Institute says.
What are some potential obstacles that await Democrats as they prepare to implement the Inflation Reduction Act?
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The science part of the CHIPS and Science Act

The National Science Foundation could receive $81 billion over five years, boosting innovation and talent development, its director says.
Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images