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Why charitable giving is an essential element of Ramadan

A look at how economic headwinds economy may have affected giving this Ramadan.
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After a record year, philanthropy has a lot to live up to in 2021

Nov 30, 2021
Economic conditions have changed from 2020 when better-off households had a lot of cash to spare.
Charitable giving is expected to be down this year.
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A big number that poses big ethical questions

Apr 15, 2021
Grasping big numbers is a hard thing for humans to do, and that has implications for how we think about billionaires.
Jeff Bezos, seen in 2019, is currently worth $177 billion.
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Charitable giving is way up this year — the same will likely be true of Giving Tuesday

Early numbers show that people are giving more than in previous years to places like food banks, housing groups and mutual aid networks.
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How toy drives are staying on track during the pandemic

Nov 25, 2020
With fewer big donations boxes at offices and retail stores, the logistics have become tricky.
Hilary Duff and Toys for Tots Marines kick off last year's campaign at a Disney store in Los Angeles.
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Money for charity can languish in donor-advised funds. This couple wants to change that.

Aug 11, 2020
David and Jennifer Risher are challenging fellow philanthropists to give more of their money away.
David and Jennifer Risher of San Francisco launched #HalfMyDAF, promising to match donor-advised fund grants of up to $1 million as a challenge to other wealthy donors to make sure funds are getting to those who need them.
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Charitable giving dips in the wake of tax law changes

Feb 18, 2020
The Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center says only about 10% of households now have an incentive to donate.
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For public good, not for profit.

How neighbors saved Christmas — and the family farm

Dec 24, 2019
"The bank had shut us down and we didn't know how we were going to go forward."
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The difference $100 can make

Dec 23, 2019
"It wasn't a lot," said Roslyn Imrie, "But it gave me a lot of hope."
One stranger's anonymous gift helped Roslyn Imrie survive a period of financial hardship. Above, Imrie and her children are pictured on vacation in 2019.
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We should treat inequality as injustice, says Ford Foundation President Darren Walker

Dec 20, 2019
"We're getting a distorted capitalism that does not produce shared prosperity," says Walker.
"We're getting a sort of distorted capitalism that does not produce shared prosperity," said Walker.
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