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In the fight against food fraud, producers are getting high-tech

Nov 22, 2023
Between edible microchips, invisible ink and more, the food supply chain is becoming more transparent than ever.
High end foods such as caviar, regional cheese and wines are trying new methods to thwart dupes.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Champagne wishes and hangover-cure dreams

Jan 1, 2015
With New Year's Eve in the rear-view mirror, we tackle a timely topic: Hangover cures

Bubbly still flat

Dec 26, 2011
Champagne as an economic indicator for 2012?

PODCAST: Six months of rising sales, raising a glass of bubbly

Dec 13, 2011
The Federal Reserve officials meet today to discuss the slow domestic recovery, the ongoing crisis in Europe, and a plan for better communication surrounding its actions. In Russia, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov announced he will run for president against Vladimir Putin in next spring's elections. Wall Street types can expect smaller bonuses this year, but many are thankful to just have a job.
Black Friday sales helped bolster the retail numbers, which went up for the sixth month in a row.
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In down economy, demand for champagne is popping

Dec 13, 2011
Champagne makers are quickly recovering from the blight of a few years ago, despite the fact that the rest of the economy is still struggling

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