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Corporate bonds are in demand amid optimism and declining yields

Jan 30, 2024
Many investors see big companies as healthy and want to get into the market before the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates.
January has been a busy month in the corporate bond market, driven in part by expectations of Federal Reserve interest rate cuts.
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Wage growth seems to be slowing. But is it enough to please Fed policymakers?

Nov 4, 2022
The central bank watches for signs of wage inflation because it can drive price inflation.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell said wage gains have been “well above” the level needed to come down to Fed’s 2% inflation target.
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As the Fed cranks up interest rates, critics ring warning bells

Some economists and policy advisers fear that the Federal Reserve's rapid hikes could tip the global economy into a painful recession.
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell speaks on Sept. 21, after the central bank decided to raise rates by 75 basis points for the third consecutive time.
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Central banks are searching for new tools

Jan 23, 2020
The ECB and the Federal Reserve are attempting to figure out if their approach to monetary policy still works.
European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said she’s also looking for answers from the public on how to change the bank's monetary policy strategy.
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Turkey raises interest rates to stem currency crisis

May 23, 2018
The Turkish lira has been on a wild slide recently. It dropped 5 percent against the dollar Wednesday, its biggest loss in nearly a decade, before the country’s Central Bank stepped in with an emergency meeting that reversed some of those losses. The bank finally did something it’d been resisting. Something its president had been […]

Trump's Fed chair nominee is a lot like Yellen. So why replace her?

Nov 2, 2017
The key difference? Jerome Powell was selected by Trump and Yellen wasn't.
President Donald Trump nominated Jerome Powell for Federal Reserve chair.

A fully public Fed?

Aug 26, 2016
Protesters on the left, as well as some economists, want to revamp the Fed.
A view of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, one of the 12 regional Reserve Banks.
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For public good, not for profit.

There's no one magic number for the Fed

Dec 15, 2015
We're as sure as we can be that a rate hike is going to happen, but how big will it be?