Economists aren't clear on why $100 bills are spiking in circulation

Feb 28, 2019
The number of notes out there has doubled since 2008, the Federal Reserve says.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Going cashless in Shanghai

Jan 15, 2019
Chinese mobile payment apps have surged in popularity. Could U.S. credit card companies compete?
A driver pays a highway toll using mobile payment method Alipay in Zhejiang province.
STR/AFP/Getty Images

As digital payments grow, an ATM maker looks beyond cash

Nov 8, 2018
How will ATM makers manage in a world where digital transactions are becoming more popular and cash is optional?
People walk past an ATM machine logo near Penn Station on January 8, 2018 in New York.

Real estate tech firm Opendoor gets cash infusion from SoftBank

Sep 28, 2018
Here’s a very different way to sell a home from the usual: Go to a website. Plug in your address. Answer a few questions about the house. And wait about 24 hours to see if you get a cash offer. A handful of companies are buying up houses this way, including Zillow. The biggest player […]

Big U.S. companies have a lot of cash. Here’s what they’re doing with it

Apr 24, 2018
When you’ve got a little extra money to work with — or a lot — what do you do with it? Maybe you stuff it under the mattress. Maybe you try to invest it and put it to work. Or maybe you spend it on yourself and some important people in your life. That last option […]

Stock buybacks are crazy right now. Here’s why.

Apr 18, 2018
Goldman Sachs reported sharply higher profit this week, and yet its shares fell after Goldman said it wouldn’t be buying back stocks in the second quarter. In this respect, Goldman is an outlier. After the corporate tax rate dropped this year, American companies have been using cash to repurchase their own shares in furious fashion. […]

Sweden is moving away from cash, and some businesses will no longer accept it

Jul 17, 2017
Sweden is increasingly becoming a cashless society, but there are those who worry this trend will leave some people behind.
Cash in Sweden is on the way out. 
John Laurenson

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When can we stop using cash?

Jul 5, 2017
Paying with bills and coins is "a combination of cost cost, convenience cost and time cost," researcher says.

In real estate, cash is king

Jan 12, 2016
Nearly 40 percent of home sales were cash deals in November.

Why banks just don’t want your money

Dec 17, 2015
If bank's are where you store your money, why don't they want it there?