Are Republicans softening on carbon taxes?

by Jed Kim Sep 12, 2018
A few GOP lawmakers are bucking the party line by backing a tax on CO2 emissions.
The smoke stacks at American Electric Power's Mountaineer coal power plant in New Haven, West Virginia, in 2009.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

The argument for implementing a carbon tax

by David Brancaccio Dec 15, 2016
The world is embracing sustainability, says one Marketplace contributor.
Volker Hartmann/Getty Images

Canada will have a carbon price. Will the US?

by Jed Kim Oct 4, 2016
The policy will have to balance pushing climate goals with not getting too far ahead.
A night view of the Syncrude oil sands extraction facility near the town of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada.

To cut emissions, Canada could expand carbon pricing

by Jed Kim Jul 19, 2016
If Canada rolls out carbon pricing nationally, how will it affect the US?
An aerial view of the Suncor oil sands extraction facility near the town of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada.

Are low oil prices an opening for a carbon tax?

by Scott Tong Jan 5, 2015
If a tax is not imposed on carbon-dioxide emissions, gas is artificially underpriced.

The value of 'second-best solutions' to global warming

by Dan Weissmann Jun 23, 2014
Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says we need a carbon tax to prevent a global-warming catastrophe. But if Congress won't act?
BBC World Service

China considers carbon tax, will U.S. consumers foot the bill?

by Marketplace Contributor Feb 22, 2013
The official news agency in China is reporting that the government will tax carbon emissions.

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The New Petro-State?

U.S., Mexico have lowest gas, carbon taxes in rich world

by Scott Tong Jan 28, 2013
Among the world's most developed countries, Turkey and the Netherlands tax gas and carbon use at the highest rate; the U.S., Mexico and Canada tax carbon and gas at the lowest rates.

California's first carbon auction launches pollution market

by Eve Troeh Nov 14, 2012
It's official: Companies must now purchase permits to emit excess levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the state of California.

In Australia, carbon tax kicks in

by Marketplace Contributor Jul 4, 2012
In Australia, Aussies are getting used to the first week under a new carbon tax. The country's biggest polluters are paying a steep $24 per ton of carbon emitted -- that's more than twice the cost of carbon permits in…

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