Buying Discover would make Capital One bigger — and give it a payments network

Feb 20, 2024
There are only four such networks for credit cards, and building a new one can take decades.
Buying a payments network is a lot easier than starting one, says Andrew Davidson with Comperemedia.
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As big banks lower overdraft fees, smaller banks mull their options

Jan 12, 2022
Community banks don’t have the same scale as national banks — but they still have to compete and find ways to make up the lost revenue.
Consumer advocates have been pressuring banks to eliminate overdraft fees during the pandemic.
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Capital One cuts some credit card borrowing limits

With government support waning, people could start tapping credit to make ends meet.
With the lapsing of federal pandemic relief, some in the credit card industry are concerned people could start tapping credit to make ends meet and then not be able to pay the debt back.
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The reality of a massive security breach

Jul 30, 2019
A statistician breaks down what's behind the big, scary numbers.
The Capital One headquarters as seen in 2006 in Mclean, Virginia.
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Capital One target of massive data breach

Jul 30, 2019
A security breach at Capital One Financial compromised the personal information of about 106 million people, and in some cases the hacker obtained Social Security and bank account numbers.
Capital One Tower, Tysons, Virginia
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CFPB levels first fine on Capital One

Jul 19, 2012
Capital One must pay $210 million after settling charges from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that it misled credit card customers.

Federal Reserve considers Capital One-ING Direct merger

Feb 7, 2012
Capital One wants to link up with the Internet Bank ING Direct USA in a $9 billion deal, but it has to get approval from the Federal Reserve.

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