Restrictions on how cannabis is transported have created 39 separate markets

Jun 20, 2024
Marijuana is now legal in 38 states, though not federally. In Martha's Vineyard, among other places, legal issues have been a bringdown.
The shelves are bare at Island Time Cannabis Dispensary on Martha's Vineyard. Owner Geoff Rose hopes to restock with cannabis grown on Massachusetts' mainland.
Daniel Ackerman/Marketplace

Senate to consider giving cannabis businesses access to banking

Sep 25, 2023
The Senate Banking Committee hearing this week will consider the question of allowing cannabis business owners to open bank accounts for their companies legally.
It’s currently difficult for cannabis business owners to open bank accounts, even in states where marijuana is legal.
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For seniors who use medical cannabis, the expense can be considerable

Jun 16, 2023
More than three dozen states have legalized the medical use of cannabis products. But for some patients, it’s not an affordable option.
While insurance and Medicare will cover the cost for most FDA-approved medications, those who chose medical cannabis typically pay for it out of pocket.
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Cannabis businesses are booming. They're also having a hard time getting insurance.

Apr 20, 2023
Insuring a store full of a substance that's still illegal under federal law isn't cheap.
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House approves cannabis banking bill

Apr 20, 2021
Most banks shy away from letting cannabis businesses open accounts, fearful they could run afoul of federal laws.
Cannabis is still illegal under federal law, and most banks shy away from letting cannabis businesses open accounts, because the cash could be considered proceeds from illegal activity.
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Recreational pot is legal in 11 states, but laws protecting job seekers are still rare

Jan 2, 2020
Things are changing in Nevada, where a new law restricts employer drug tests.
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Coca-Cola reportedly exploring cannabis-infused beverages

Sep 18, 2018
Bloomberg TV reports the soft drinks giant is in talks with Aurora Cannabis of Canada, though Coca-Cola says "no decisions have been made."
Bottles of Coca Cola sit in a cooler at a market on April 16, 2013 in San Francisco, California. 
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For public good, not for profit.

The FDA approves the first drug derived from cannabis

Jun 28, 2018
Will this be the catalyst for big pharmaceutical companies to get into the pot business?
An assistant studies cannabis leaves in the Maripharma Laboratory in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in 2002.
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The pot lobby hits Capitol Hill

May 24, 2018
A couple hundred business owners push for the federal legalization of marijuana so their companies can grow.
Cannabis business owners went to Washington, D.C., to lobby this week for legalizing marijuana and easing banking and tax laws.
Nancy Marshall-Genzer/Marketplace

The cannabis brand wars: which companies will come out on top?

Apr 20, 2018
There are more than 60,000 cannabis companies in North America alone.
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