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French court's suspension of one burkini ban could set a precedent

Aug 26, 2016
The bans on the full-body swimsuit are likely to be overturned thanks to the ruling, according to reports.
Mecca Laa Laa wears a burkini on her first surf lifesaving patrol at North Cronulla Beach in Sydney, Australia.
Matt King/Getty Images

Burkini ban boosts sales 'by 200 percent'

Aug 24, 2016
The burkini is a full-bodied Islamic swimsuit that's part burqa and part bikini.
Muslim models display burkini swimsuits at a shop in western Sydney on Friday. Part bikini, part all-covering burqa, the burkini swimsuit has sparked huge controversy in France. But in Australia, where the beach is a national obsession, it's seen as a symbol of inclusion, says its designer Aheda Zanetti.