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EU weighs the cost of a British exit

Feb 18, 2016
Britain demands concessions on EU migration and fiscal rules at crucial meeting.
Nigel Farage, leader of the U.K. Independence Party, speaks at the European Union headquarters in Brussels on Thursday. EU leaders will later head into a summit sharply divided over compromises needed to avoid Britain leaving the bloc.

In British port, many welcome idea of leaving the EU

Feb 17, 2016
Britain could Brexit unless given a pass on rules over migrants and fiscal union.
Veterans pay their respects at the Operation Fuller memorial service on the Dover seafront.
Stephen Beard/Marketplace

Exit Grexit, enter Brexit. Could the UK quit the EU?

Jul 23, 2015
Many Brits are unhappy with Europe, maybe enough to vote for leaving the union.
Some in the U.K. want Britain to exit the European Union, whose flag, right, flies next to the Union Jack at EU headquarters in Brussels. Those Britons are angry about the EU's treatment of Greece.