How the debt ceiling fight puts the indispensable U.S. Treasurys market at risk

May 26, 2023
The $24 trillion Treasury bond market plays an important role in the global financial system. Is there any viable alternative?
"U.S. Treasurys are the safest asset anywhere, even in the case of default," says Yesha Yadav from Vanderbilt. This is why essentially the entire global financial system buys U.S. government debt whenever there's a panic.
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How the Fed's rate hikes spelled trouble for banks like SVB

Mar 21, 2023
Why bonds lose value when the Fed hikes interest rates and what that has to do with banks.
Silicon Valley Bank was among the financial institutions for which rising interest rates on bonds spelled trouble.
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The bond market yield curve is inverted — which some economists think foreshadows a downturn

Mar 2, 2023
The yield for a two-year note is roughly a whole percentage point higher than the yield on the 10-year Treasury right now. And that often precedes a recession.
A 10-year bond theoretically locks up your money for 10 years in exchange for some yield or other. But its worth depends on the what the future looks like with inflation, interest rates and the economy.
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January's strong jobs report lifted bond yields. Why's that?

Feb 3, 2023
Bond investors look at the jobs report for clues about wage growth and inflation.
The job gains were focused on nonhousing services, analysts say, which the Federal Reserve sees as a driver of inflation.
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The Federal Reserve is unwinding its bond-buying program. Will that help deflate the inflation balloon?

Aug 24, 2022
The Fed uses its buying power in the bond market to raise or lower interest rates by manipulating how much money is available in the economy.
The Fed blew up the "balloon" of the economy during the pandemic by, in part, ratcheting up its bond buying and flooding financial markets with money.
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Treasury bond yields are rising. Here's what that tells us.

Sep 28, 2021
The yield on the 10-year Treasury note surged to its highest level in three months this morning.
Inflation could be one of the reasons bond buyers are demanding higher yields.
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What the bond market can tell us about the pace of economic recovery

Feb 23, 2021
Rising bond yields are an optimistic sign, even though the Fed says a real recovery isn't right around the corner.
When bond yields go up quickly, it can spook the stock market. But stocks aren't the whole story.
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For public good, not for profit.

Bond yields are lower than during the financial crisis

Mar 9, 2020
But that may not be signaling that the economic damage from the coronavirus will be as bad as the Great Recession.
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Monday.
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Investors seek safe havens as markets, bond yields fall

Mar 4, 2020
The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury dipped below 1% Tuesday.
With yields this low, you’d think investors would be running away from bonds. But not everyone is.
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A guided tour of the yield curve

Aug 15, 2019
The federal government sells more than a dozen different kinds of bonds. They all have very different purposes.
Traders work before the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange where the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 800 points after talk of an inverted yield curve on August 14, 2019 in New York City.
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