Should Blue Apron have been more transparent with investors?

Aug 10, 2017
After its first earnings report, Blue Apron's stock price went down by 15 percent.
A view of a Blue Apron box.
Illustration by Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Does Snap’s stock market performance mean we have valuations all wrong?

Aug 1, 2017
There’s something of a disconnect happening between what’s known as the private market — what companies are worth before they go public — and what those companies are worth once they have their initial public offering. Examples A and B today are the meal kit delivery service Blue Apron and Spap of Snapchat fame. The companies’ stocks haven’t […]

Blue Apron’s price cut shows investors are wary of high-growth with no profit

Jun 28, 2017
The window is closing on Blue Apron’s IPO. The do-it-yourself meal-kit delivery service is going public tomorrow. Today they cut the initial price target for their shares by about a third. That puts the company’s valuation below the estimated $2.2 billion valuation in their last round of private venture capital funding. There are no inside […]

Why investors want companies like Blue Apron to go public

Jun 2, 2017
The meal-kit delivery company Blue Apron has filed to go public. Investors hoping to get a piece at the IPO or later will be buying into a company that’s got a young customer base and that’s growing fast. But it’s a company with a business model that’s not all that complicated, shall we say. So […]

Grocery stores hungrily eye the $1.5 billion prepared-meal kits market

May 19, 2017
Prepared meal kits have grown into a huge market, now worth an estimated $1.5 billion. It’s been driven by startups, like Blue Apron, Purple Carrot, HelloFresh … the list goes on. But major supermarkets like Kroger and Publix are now muscling in and testing their own versions. Click the audio player above to hear the […]