Looking back on Black Monday, the stock market crash of 1987

Oct 19, 2017
This week marks the 30 year anniversary of Black Monday, the day the stock market lost 23 percent of its value in just six and a half hours.
The stock market crash of October 1987.
Photo collage courtesy of Amy Pearl/ WNYC/ AP

Here's why we shouldn't forget about the crash of '87

Oct 18, 2017
On Black Monday, the stock market plunged 22.6 percent.
A trader on the New York Stock Exchange reacts on Oct. 19, 1987, as stocks are devastated during one of the most frantic days in the exchange's history. The Dow Jones index plummeted over 200 points in record trading. 

The NFL's 'ready, set, fire' day

Dec 29, 2014
The regular season ends, and losing pro football teams fire their coaches — again

Volatility in context

Oct 20, 2014
So there has been all kinds of volatility on Wall Street lately — triple digit ups and downs. Well, consider this: 27 years ago yesterday, October 19, 1987, was ‘Black Monday.’ The Dow was off 22 percent that day which came out to 508 points. The next day, known as ‘Terrible Tuesday,’ nearly caused the New York Stock Exchange […]

25 years after Black Monday, what lessons are learned

Oct 19, 2012
The markets tumbled Friday, but the declines were nothing compared to the Black Monday crash of Oct. 19, 1987. The Dow Jones shed 22 percent -- the equivalent of a 3,000-point drop today.