Eggs cheap as overseas demand for U.S. produce falls

by Adam Allington Aug 1, 2017
An oversupply of eggs is driving down prices to record low levels. But what cheers shoppers isn’t always good for farmers. Many producers are just recovering from a devastating bird flu outbreak that struck two years ago. And this is…

Chicken farmer ramps up biosecurity measures

by Kai Ryssdal Mar 8, 2017
Ed Fryar says he's 'watchful' but not worried about the recent avian flu outbreak in Tennessee.
A strain of bird flu was detected in a chicken farm in Tennessee earlier this week, causing worry over the possibility of an avian influenza outbreak.

Egg producers skittish about cage-free investments

by Annie Baxter Jul 7, 2016
As cage-free egg sales slow, producers hesitate to invest in cage-free systems.
Various companies are going cage-free, but premium eggs aren't selling well.

The Chinese lake that's ground zero for the bird flu

by Rob Schmitz Mar 30, 2016
Scientists have their eyes on Poyang Lake, China's breeding ground for bird flu.
Scientists believe live bird markets like this one, in the city of Nanchang near Poyang Lake, have ideal conditions for the spread of the avian influenza.
Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

Turkey shortage could hurt food banks at Thanksgiving

by Annie Baxter Nov 5, 2015
A bird flu outbreak last spring cost producers 8 million turkeys.

Poultry industry seeks ways to prevent more bird flu

by Annie Baxter Jul 29, 2015
Farmers and officials prepare for a 'worst-case scenario' during fall migration.

Bird flu is winding down but bakers still feel a pinch

by Annie Baxter Jul 15, 2015
The price of liquid eggs, bought by the bucket, has skyrocketed.

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Experts still puzzling over bird flu

by Annie Baxter Jun 25, 2015
Experts are still stymied by a bird flu crisis that cost farmers millions of birds.

Why egg prices have been climbing while chicken prices are falling

by Annie Baxter Jun 18, 2015
Farms that produce chickens for meat are seeing exports drop, pushing prices down.

Bird flu may take fresh turkeys off the menu

by Annie Baxter Jun 5, 2015
Come Thanksgiving, consumers could be flocking to frozen poultry.

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