No, I'm not saying "Bye." I'm saying "Buy."

The Amazon One system enables purchases via hand waving. Christopher Mims of the WSJ discusses business prospects for biometric data.
Amazon's Amazon One system enables consumers to make purchases just by waving their hand.
Courtesy Amazon

Talking credit cards help visually impaired people prevent abuse

Jan 31, 2023
Thales, a French firm, is launching a credit card that interacts with a user's smartphone to provide audio cues and transaction confirmations.
In Paris, Stephanie Khoeung tries out a new talking credit card that helps visually impaired people confirm transactions.
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What rules exist around our faces, and how are they tracked?

Apr 18, 2018
As Facebook faces a lawsuit over its facial recognition technology, a look at the rules around our biometric data.
Automatic facial recognition technologies are tested at the Suedkreuz train station in Berlin in December.