The legacy of welfare reform, 20 years later

Aug 22, 2016
We follow the money. How is it spent and to what impact?
Then-President Bill Clinton clinches his fist during a 1996 speech on welfare reform at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Two decades ago, Clinton signed welfare reform.

The Sound Bite: Bill Clinton's economic record

May 16, 2016
Hillary Clinton says her administration would put her husband on economic revitalization duty.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shakes hands with the crowd during a campaign stop Sunday in Louisville, Kentucky. Clinton is preparing for Kentucky's May 17th primary.
John Sommers II/Getty Images

Who Americans trust with big economic decisions

May 3, 2012
Bill Clinton is warning Europeans that the prescription of austerity, quote "continues to be pushed in the face of evidence that it won't work." For those not inclined to accept this kind of economic advice from an ex-U.S. president, the question arises: who do Americans trust to handle these matters?

The economy and elections: Ghosts of the past

Feb 28, 2012
We look back at three big economic issues that have swayed elections in recent memory.