Now Big Oil's refinery profits start to shrink

Jan 20, 2016
Big oil companies have been buffered a bit by higher profits from refining oil into gas.

Energy companies look to tech to solve price slump

Jan 13, 2016
The price of oil has fallen more than 70 percent since June 2014.

Finally, a ship loaded with U.S. crude leaves port

Jan 4, 2016
Oil producers like having an overseas market, but the economics are against a large volume of exports.

Six myths about Keystone

Nov 3, 2015
A look at what's going to happen to the controversial pipeline.

An earnings shock as Big Oil adjusts to low oil prices

Oct 30, 2015
Multinationals are built for the long haul, but low oil prices are making them pull back.

Halliburton is a bellwether for oil drilling in US

Oct 19, 2015
As drilling shuts down, the oil-field service company adapts.

"Blood & Oil" inspired by North Dakota's Bakken fields

Oct 9, 2015
An '1894 Gold Rush set in the middle of the prairie.'
ABC’s “Blood & Oil” stars Amber Valletta as Carla Briggs, Don Johnson as Hap Briggs, Chace Crawford as Billy Lefever and Rebecca Rittenhouse as Cody Lefever. 
Courtesy ABC

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Shell starts drilling for oil in the Arctic

Aug 7, 2015
Environmentalists and other big oil explorers are watching.

Reduce, reuse ... rethink?

Jul 6, 2015
Market forces are making recycling less profitable.