What the Chevron-Anadarko deal means for Permian shale

by Jack Stewart Apr 12, 2019
Will there be other deals like it?
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Saudi oil company profits impress

by Scott Tong Apr 1, 2019
What’s the most profitable company on earth? We’ll give you three guesses. Nope, not Apple. Google? Try again. Exxon Mobil – wrong. It’s the national oil company of Saudi Arabia. Known as Saudi Aramco, it’s the runaway leader, according to…

A turnaround for oil companies?

by Scott Tong Feb 1, 2019
Some investors are optimistic that Big Oil has been able to ride out the plummeting prices of late last year.
Shelf Life

Why boom-bust oil prices may be here to stay

by Kai Ryssdal and Maria Hollenhorst Apr 18, 2017
Robert McNally's 'Crude Volatility' looks at the cycle in a historical context.
“I think the sort of the next rude shock perhaps in the oil markets is that we will be thirstier for oil for a lot longer than folks hope and expect,” says energy analyst Robert McNally.

Big oil is seeking public trust

by Scott Tong Mar 10, 2017
The corporate world seems on track to address the issue of climate change even as the Trump administration questions much of the research around its validity. Shell corporation says it’s not just boosting its renewable investments to $1 billion, it’s…

Permian Basin oil find cheers U.S. drillers

by Scott Tong Mar 7, 2017
Oil drilling and fracking are back in America — that’s the storyline out of the big annual oil industry confab in Houston this week. Crude oil prices have recovered from a two-year bust. The rigs are getting back to work.…

Italian prosecutors seek criminal case in oil giants' deal in Nigeria

by Scott Tong Feb 9, 2017
The case looks at an alleged bribery in a $1.3 billion oil deal.
A Shell employee at the Afam VI power plant takes a picture at the plant in Port Harcourt on September 29, 2015. 

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The amount of oil in the world is a mystery

by Scott Tong Jul 27, 2016
Countries are not required to report storage data.
Oil pumps in operation at an oil field near central Los Angeles.
The Resource Curse

A day out at the (black) market in Venezuela

by Scott Tong Mar 23, 2016
Low oil prices and government actions created shortages and soaring inflation
Jorge Galino/Marketplace

Which came first: low oil prices or declining stocks?

by Tracey Samuelson Jan 26, 2016
Are stocks low because of lower oil prices or vice versa?
Are stocks low because of lower oil prices or vice versa?
David McNew/Getty Images

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