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Biden economist wants businesses to "step up and make investments” in the U.S.

Aug 31, 2023
Heather Boushey of the Council of Economic Advisers talks about the challenges of implementing the president's economic agenda.
Businesses are "not making the needed investments in the things that matter most," like clean energy infrastructure and chip manufacturing, says Heather Boushey of the Council of Economic Advisers.
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How the Biden administration's overtime proposal could play out

Aug 31, 2023
The proposal would most likely affect low-to-middle income earners in supervisory roles.
The new overtime rule will primarily affect low to middle-income salaried workers, especially those in supervisory roles.
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How will Medicare decide a fair price for drug negotiations?

Dan Gorenstein of Tradeoffs explains what factors the federal insurance program will look at and what the next steps are.
The Inflation Reduction Act signed into law last year gives Medicare new muscle to try to negotiate lower drug prices.
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Biden administration proposes new mental health care parity rule

Jul 25, 2023
The rule would force insurance companies to follow laws stating mental health care must be covered like physical health care.
President Biden's administration announced the new rule today, but it will need to go through a comment and review process before going into effect.
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Why the messaging around "Bidenomics" might not be working

President Joe Biden wants to highlight the strong U.S. economy. But the headline numbers don't necessarily reflect day-to-day life.
When the Biden administration celebrates headline job growth or wage data, it runs the risk of alienating voters whose experiences don't align, says Karen Petrou of Federal Financial Analytics. For instance, almost two-thirds of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
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White House moves to stop alleged price gouging

Jul 19, 2023
Food inflation is a major complaint, but some farmers and companies say market forces will keep prices in check.
As grocery prices rose, many critics, including the White House, accused food companies of taking consumers for a ride.
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New energy projects are coming to small towns. Where will workers live?

Jul 11, 2023
The Biden administration is eyeing nuclear as one solution to ‘clean’ energy, but as a new nuclear plant moves into a rural community in Wyoming, there's another challenge — housing shortages for workers.
Kemmerer, Wyoming is known for both its prehistoric fossils and its fossil fuel industry.
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For public good, not for profit.

As student loan repayments are set to restart, the Education Department looks to ease the transition

Jul 3, 2023
For one thing: the first year after payments restart, borrowers who fall behind won’t be penalized.
Student loan borrowers demand President Biden use "Plan B" to cancel student debt Immediately at a rally outside of the Supreme Court on June 30, 2023 in Washington, D.C.
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Some U.S. manufacturers are still benefiting from Trump-era tariffs

Jun 16, 2023
The Biden administration hasn’t removed Trump’s tariffs on steel or aluminum — to the benefit of some U.S. manufacturers.
"Everyone kind of expected when President Biden came into office that that the China tariffs would go away," said customs broker Gretchen Blough. "But everything's still in place."
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Biden plan to end homelessness is missing a crucial ingredient: more money

May 30, 2023
Getting an unhoused person into a home can cost $10,000 a year — and more than 580,000 people are unhoused on any given night.
Unhoused people are cleared from a park encampment two blocks from the White House in February.
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