A $10 billion coffee buy

Apr 12, 2013
German investment group JAB is buying Dutch company D.E. Master Blenders for nearly $10 billion.

Maker's Mark backs down from plans to dilute bourbon

Feb 18, 2013
The company that owns Maker's Mark, the brand known for bottles that are hand-sealed with wax, is backing down from a decision to water down its whiskey.

Proposed beer merger could hurt competition in U.S.

Jan 2, 2013
Anheuser-Busch InBev's purchase of Grupo Modelo would make it an even bigger player in the U.S. beer market.

Should caffeine levels in energy drinks be regulated?

Oct 25, 2012
The FDA already regulates how much caffeine can be added to soft drinks. New reports of five deaths of people who drank Monster energy drinks raises concern in the industry of FDA regulation.

How packaging impacts what beverages we buy

Sep 24, 2012
A familiar scenario: You're thirsty. You walk into the store to buy something to drink. But you're not exactly sure what you want, and you're inundated with choices.

Heineken bids on Southeast Asian brewer

Jul 20, 2012
Heineken has offered $6 billion to buy Asia Pacific Breweries, which makes Tiger beer. Their giant bid was meant to elbow out a play by a billionaire from Thailand and get a stronger hold on the Southeast Asian market.

Energy drinks a fast-growing beverage sector

May 1, 2012
So-called 'energy drinks' are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the drinks business. And now the Wall Street Journal reports that Coca-Cola toyed with spending $14 billion for one brand -- Monster Energy. Coke denies any deal.

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You are what you drink...

Jan 28, 2011
Whatever you call it -- soda, pop, cola -- it's hard to deny the simple pleasure of a cool, sugary, soft drink, despite how unhealthy it may be....

Four Loko drops caffeine from its beverages amid an expected FDA ban

Nov 17, 2010
What do you have when mix you four beers with two cups of coffee? Some call it Four Loko - the canned beverage sold by Chicago-based Phusion Pro...