Gov. Terry Branstad: The case for 'pink slime'

Apr 11, 2012
The Republican governor of Iowa defends lean finely textured beef -- otherwise known as pink slime -- and worries about what all the negative press could do to the beef industry.

The Chapter 11 effect of 'pink slime'

Apr 2, 2012
There's been major trouble for the manufacturers of the controversial beef filler.

Have it your way: The Burger King 'Meat Monster'

Apr 14, 2011
Burger King menus in Japan how have the distinct honor of hosting BK's newest sandwich, the Meat Monster. This lunch-time behemoth is made of tw...

Report: U.S. cattle herd shrinks to smallest size since 1958

Jan 28, 2011
Americans soon could be crying 'Where's the beef?' -- until the cows come home. Cattle herd may be the next casualty of the struggling U.S. econ...