Will the sports collectibles market have another good year?

Jan 5, 2022
The trading card business has soared during the pandemic. In the future, innovation may help drive growth.
A man sells vintage baseball cards outside Yankee Stadium. The trading card industry is marketing to millennials now.
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Remembering Downriver Rookie, a beloved Michigan sports-card shop

Sep 1, 2021
"You can almost smell the cards when you think about it hard enough," said high school teacher Ken Cameron.
Ken Cameron still has the baseball cards he bought at Downriver Rookie. "Baseball was such a part of my grandfather's life, my father's life, my life," he says.
Courtesy Ken Cameron

Baseball card collecting during pandemic hits prices out of the park

Nov 11, 2020
Nostalgia, art and investment potential have led to an increase in the sports card market, one expert says.
A boy looks at a display of baseball cards at the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia in 2018.
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Baseball cards get a digital makeover for 2016 season

Jul 12, 2016
Baseball cards are now sold on line - but they're only available for 24 hours
The front of Bartolo Colón’s Topps Now card, which sold a record breaking 8,826 copies on May 8, 2016.
Courtesy of The Topps Company

Family stumbles upon rare and valuable baseball cards

Mar 3, 2016
The seven Ty Cobb baseball cards could be worth more than $1 million, experts say
A Ty Cobb baseball card. 
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