The White House is using Genius to annotate the SOTU

Jan 12, 2016
The platform used to be just for rap fans, but news makers and journalists alike are keen on it now.

How the TPP will drive domestic reform in Asia

Oct 7, 2015
Leaders in Japan and Vietnam now have cover for unpopular economic overhauls.

When will we see nitty-gritty of TPP? 'Soon,' Obama says

Oct 6, 2015
The President defended parts of his signature trade agreement Tuesday.

The full interview: President Obama defends the TPP

Oct 6, 2015
Read the whole transcript and listen to Obama's uncut conversation with Kai.

President Obama extends overtime pay to more workers

Jun 30, 2015
The proposal could mean bigger paychecks for up to five million workers.

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Texas ruling makes immigrants' future uncertain

Feb 17, 2015
A Texas judge has stayed President Obama’s executive action to stop millions of undocumented immigrants from facing deportation.

Two cybersecurity agencies diverged in a wood...

Feb 11, 2015
The Obama administration's new cybersecurity agency versus the pre-existing one.

The President's defense budget 'hike'

Feb 4, 2015
These days, defense spending is about more than just the Pentagon's budget.