Who has added credit card debt during the pandemic?

Sep 28, 2021
Survey finds that people 40 and under are more likely than those who are older to have more credit card debt now than they did a year and a half ago.
The rise of consumer credit has banks on the lookout for whether or not consumers can pay their debt.
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Feeling pressured? Americans pushed to overspend this holiday season

Nov 20, 2018
New survey finds nearly half of Americans feel pressured to overspend on gifts.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Survey finds few workers notice new take-home pay boost from tax cut

Mar 5, 2018
The boost in take-home pay from the Republican-passed tax-cut bill is starting to show up in many workers’ paychecks. But how aware are taxpayers of the change? Many employers began reducing tax withholding in February. But a new survey from Bankrate.com finds that many workers haven’t noticed the change, which may lead them to spend […]

2015 could be the year the Fed hikes interest rates

Jan 5, 2015
How much could interest rates go up this year? And what would that mean for consumers?

The top financial concern: just paying the bills

Nov 17, 2014
A survey shows more Americans are worrying about just keeping up.
Telephone bills, which contain information for an AT&T customer.
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