Social media plays prominent role in Baltimore unrest

by Molly Wood Apr 29, 2015
Among the places riots are playing out: Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram.

Baltimore businesses big and small regroup after riots

by Amy Scott Apr 29, 2015
Neighborhood pharmacies were ransacked by looters Monday.

The Orioles will play in an empty stadium this week

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 28, 2015
Amid riots, Wednesday's game against the White Sox will be closed to the public.

West Baltimore business owners pick up the pieces

by Amy Scott and Tony Wagner Apr 28, 2015
After protests turned violent, some storefronts were completely gutted.
Sheranda Palmer and co-owns the building housing R&M Grocery, which was trashed by looters Monday.
Mary Wiltenburg/Marketplace
Water: The high price of cheap

Baltimore sewers: time bombs buried under the streets

by Scott Tong Feb 25, 2015
The city's sewer system is 100 years old. Some pipes are made of wood or clay.

There goes the neighborhood: The college students next door

by Amy Scott Sep 22, 2014
Colleges work to smooth town-gown relations when students move off-campus.
Final Note

Thousands line up to exchange Ray Rice jersey

by Kai Ryssdal Sep 19, 2014
Thousands line up to get the iPhone 6... and return their Ray Rice jerseys.

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Learning Curve

A new way to apply to college: video

by Amy Scott Sep 5, 2014
Goucher College in Maryland tries to reach a broader spectrum of students.
You know you're wealthy when....

Baltimore: You know you're wealthy when...

by Marketplace Contributor Mar 1, 2013
People from Baltimore finish the sentence, "You know you're wealthy when..."

In Baltimore, a symbol of the holidays goes dim

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 27, 2012
In Baltimore, a five-pointed star lit by dozens of light bulbs shines over a mill once operated by Bethlehem Steel. The star has been a holiday fixture for decades, but it will likely be extinguished for good once the holidays…

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