Skill shortages hamper fracking operations

Jul 17, 2017
Oil prices are recovering. Oil companies are expanding their U.S. operations. But a skilled worker shortage is not helping.
A billboard off Interstate 25 in southeastern Wyoming.
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Oil price slump has chilling effect on North Dakota

Mar 18, 2016
With drilling rig counts down 80 percent, the Bakken's economy suffers.
North Dakota has experienced a huge drop in the number of active drilling rigs over the past several years.
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"Blood & Oil" inspired by North Dakota's Bakken fields

Oct 9, 2015
An '1894 Gold Rush set in the middle of the prairie.'
ABC’s “Blood & Oil” stars Amber Valletta as Carla Briggs, Don Johnson as Hap Briggs, Chace Crawford as Billy Lefever and Rebecca Rittenhouse as Cody Lefever. 
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Working in the oil fields is dangerous

Sep 18, 2015
The fatality rate for oil workers is five times that of the overall work force.