Multigenerational households make good economic sense

The most recent numbers we have show 20% of the American population is living in multigenerational households.
"The multigenerational home is a safety net, yes. But the bigger story is the compelling economics of multiple generations living under one roof," says Marketplace senior economics contributor Chris Farrell.
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Massachusetts extends a lifeline to ailing nursing homes, but more closures are expected

Sep 3, 2019
They're pinched by rising costs and a shortage of skilled caregivers.
A physical therapy aide helps a man exercise at a nursing home.
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Co-housing offers people a way to age at home

Jul 25, 2018
The American Association of Retired Persons estimates about three-quarters of people 45 and older want to stay in their homes as they age.  One way for them to do that is co-housing. It gives people the opportunity to live independently but in a community where they share some expenses and activities including chores. There are 165 […]
One way to keep aging people in their homes longer is through co-housing. 

To keep up with an aging generation, experts say senior living is being viewed more as hospitality

Apr 18, 2018
The baby boomer generation is changing the way we think about senior living.
Marilyn Oliver (far left), 89, attends barre class with other Avanti Senior Living residents, in Houston.
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Millennials with "boom-mates" could ease the housing crunch

Aug 8, 2017
Renting a room from an empty nester can save a young person thousands a year. The older generation gets something, too.
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As the workforce ages, companies rethink retirement

Jul 28, 2017
More people and companies are looking at the benefits of a flexible approach to work.

How to make the most of your side hustle

Jul 24, 2017
How 44 million Americans make the most of their spare time.

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Baby boomers begin mandatory retirement account withdrawals. Are they ready?

May 29, 2017
Seventy and a half. That is the magic age that starts mandatory withdrawals from 401(k)s and other tax-deferred retirement accounts. The oldest members of the baby boom generation start hitting that age this year, and the milestone is expected to have significant implications for the financial services industry. Click the audio player above to hear […]

Baby boomer entrepreneurs hope co-op model will keep business going

May 3, 2017
Almost half of the country's privately-owned businesses are owned by Baby Boomers. What happens when they retire?
For 36 years Dan Knapp and Mary Lou Deventer have made money out of  other peoples' trash.
Sam Harnett

Yeah, it’s all about your parents’ retirement

Mar 30, 2017
We got some grim news from the Congressional Budget Office today. The CBO predicted that the budget deficit and government debt will more than triple during the next 30 years unless Congress and the White House change the laws on how much the country spends and takes in. A big part of the problem? The […]