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Egg prices have doubled over the last year

Dec 26, 2022
Bird flu has decimated flocks. Meanwhile, demand for eggs has increased.
Bird flu has infected millions of chickens, putting stress on egg production and moving prices up.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Added to consumer price woes: avian flu is raising the cost of eggs

Apr 21, 2022
The American Egg Board estimates about 6% of the laying hen population has been affected.
Sam Krouse, co-head of MPS Egg Farms, says that the industry is recovering well from a widespread outbreak of avian flu that caused egg prices to skyrocket.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Turkey shortage could hurt food banks at Thanksgiving

Nov 5, 2015
A bird flu outbreak last spring cost producers 8 million turkeys.

Egg prices are up, but chicken breast is not

Aug 3, 2015
Kai talks to Ed Fryar, CEO of Ozark Mountain Poultry in Rogers, Arkansas.

Poultry industry seeks ways to prevent more bird flu

Jul 29, 2015
Farmers and officials prepare for a 'worst-case scenario' during fall migration.

Bird flu is winding down but bakers still feel a pinch

Jul 15, 2015
The price of liquid eggs, bought by the bucket, has skyrocketed.

Experts still puzzling over bird flu

Jun 25, 2015
Experts are still stymied by a bird flu crisis that cost farmers millions of birds.

For public good, not for profit.

Why egg prices have been climbing while chicken prices are falling

Jun 18, 2015
Farms that produce chickens for meat are seeing exports drop, pushing prices down.

The U.S. is facing an egg-tastrophe

May 22, 2015
The nation’s poultry industry is facing an unprecedented avian flu epidemic, which has led to a shortage.