Tesla skips prototype phase to get Model 3 to market faster

Apr 24, 2017
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for taking big risks. It’s a reputation that helped him raise billions of dollars for his various companies over the years. Musk’s latest gamble is a decision to fast-track the assembly-line strategy for the…

Staid AAA hopes to get a lift from car-sharing

Apr 24, 2017
You know AAA as the big truck that comes to help when your car breaks down on the highway. But the auto club was an original mobility disrupter, one of the first car-service companies back when people were trading in…

Portable solar units fill the electric charging void

Mar 27, 2017
It could take years to build up electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Meanwhile, options exist.
The EV Arc is a solar array that charges electric vehicles, providing as much as 220 miles' worth of electricity each day.
Jed Kim/Marketplace

Merkel brings along BMW’s chief, others for first meeting with Trump

Mar 17, 2017
The South is a good reminder of how important German automakers are to the U.S.

Rising car loan default rates spell trouble for automakers

Mar 16, 2017
People who took out subprime loans to buy a car are falling behind on their payments at the highest rate since the financial crisis. That could lead to higher costs for people who want a car loan. It’s also bad…

Plan to rollback EPA rules boosts carmakers’ moods — and would boost emissions

Mar 15, 2017
President Donald Trump went to Detroit and said he was going to boost American automakers. By rolling back EPA fuel economy standards that President Barack Obama finalized right before he left office, Trump said the big car companies could make…

Automakers and tech companies fight over smart cars

Mar 14, 2017
Intel announced this week it’s acquiring the Israeli company Mobileye for about $15 billion. The merger is part of the tech giant’s bid to become a leader in developing self-driving vehicles. The convergence of automobiles and technology is making for…

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GM pulls out of Europe as profits elude

Mar 6, 2017
General Motors is out — of Europe, that is. The carmaker is selling its two European car brands Vauxhall and Opel to a French carmaker called PSA Group, which owns Peugeot and Citroen. GM is selling its European brands for…

Just how much will that VW recall cost?

Oct 7, 2015
$7.3 billion apparently won't be enough for the recall that may start in January.
 Volkswagen's new boss said the auto giant would need more than a year to fix all its pollution-cheating cars. 

These 6 charts show our love affair with cars could be over

Dec 19, 2014
With gas prices down, we're tilting toward bigger cars but still driving less.