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UAW win highlights concerns over risks for workers in clean energy transition  

Nov 13, 2023
The UAW fought for protection if factories shut down. But workers in other carbon-intensive industries could find themselves displaced.
With an eye toward the eventual electrification of vehicle production, the United Auto Workers worked with GM to bring battery manufacturing under its contract. 
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A good repo man is hard to find

Nov 7, 2023
The repossession industry is struggling with an enduring labor shortage, while 1.5 million car repos are expected this year.
A good chunk of used cars come from repossessions.
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The "lumpy" road to affordable EVs just got a little longer

Oct 25, 2023
Even though prices have come down and the federal government is helping with rebates, the average price is still above $50,000.
It’s hard to build up new supply chains of EV parts like batteries and electric-motor systems.
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After years of not being able to get them, Americans want their wheels — no matter the cost

Jul 6, 2023
New light vehicle sales, including cars, SUVs and pickups, were up about 20% in June from this time a year ago.
Lots of consumers feel confident they’ll have the money to buy vehicles they might have once considered unaffordable.
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Scaling EVs means skipping "half steps" with hybrids, GM's Mary Barra says

Jun 8, 2023
The automaker's CEO says it won't invest in hybrids, but instead focus on batteries, a new vehicle platform and charging infrastructure.
CEO Mary Barra says GM is focused on the problem of too few charging stations for EVs. "We know it'll be a gating factor if it's not sufficient," she says. Above, she speaks with host Kai Ryssdal at GM's Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.
Nancy Farghalli/Marketplace

Why more people are leasing electric vehicles in the U.S.

How a change in the incentives for electric vehicles encouraged more leases.
Assembly line workers assemble electric vehicles at the General Motors Detroit Hamtramck Assembly Plant in Hamtramck, Michigan.
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Buying a new or used car is easier now, but getting a loan is becoming harder

Apr 24, 2023
Lenders are worried about increasing defaults.
People look to buy a car at a dealership in New Jersey.
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For public good, not for profit.

It's 2023: Does anyone want to buy a car?

Jan 18, 2023
Electric vehicle sales are up, but is demand for cars overall taking a dip?
Used cars are displayed on a sales lot. The demand for vehicles this year will depend on wider economic conditions, analysts say.
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Demand for electronics is falling. But some types of semiconductors are still in short supply.

Oct 7, 2022
Samsung and AMD say demand is weakening for high-end devices like laptops and smartphones. But vehicles still face semiconductor shortages.
While chips for computers are no longer in high demand, supplies are tight for lower-end chips that go into vehicles.
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Car speed limiters are gaining traction

Aug 22, 2022
Last month a new European rule went into effect mandating speed limiters on new cars. Now New York city is trying out the devices.
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