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Who is really being watched by police body cameras?

Nov 12, 2019
With new facial recognition technology, a tool to surveil the police may be changing its target, Sidney Fussell of The Atlantic says.
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Workers are welcoming AI in the office

Oct 16, 2019
Robots could be coming to take our jobs, but maybe the ones we don't want to do anyway.
AI could be used for menial tasks, like budgeting or scheduling.
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Hunting for the holy grail of digital language translation

Aug 20, 2019
Machines still have a devil of a time figuring out all the nuance and context of human speech and the written word.
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Are smart speakers enforcing gender inequity?

Female voice assistants could be encouraging us to issue orders to women.
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There's a "superhuman" poker-playing AI program. And it could tackle much more than poker.

Jul 16, 2019
Applications of that type of artificial intelligence could make their way not just into business but also military strategy.
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Shoes the wrong size? Nike has an app for that

May 10, 2019
An app that measures customers' feet will be available on phones and in stores in July.
An app that measures customers' feet will be available on phones and in stores in July.

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McDonald's bets on AI to help it sell more burgers

Mar 26, 2019
The fast food chain is acquiring digital startup Dynamic Yield for more than $300 million.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

An artificial intelligence battle is coming between the U.S. and China

Mar 6, 2019
And sooner than you think, futurist Amy Webb says.
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In AI race, it's sometimes hard to say who’s winning

Feb 11, 2019
President Donald Trump signed an executive order this afternoon to create a program to boost U.S. leadership in artificial intelligence. No new funding per se, that’s up to Congress. But the White House is directing federal agencies to prioritize AI investments, develop training programs, and collaborate with international allies. The American AI Initiative — that’s what […]