Making art affordable

Feb 10, 2012
Home decor businesses are following the fashion world's example, finding artists who'll mass produce their works and sell them in retail stores for a fraction of the cost.

Bubble fears as Chinese buyers bid up art prices

Feb 9, 2012
Rich Chinese buyers are bidding up global art prices. But as some buy for investment rather than artistic merit, there are fears of a bubble.

Damien Hirst kicks off latest mega art sale

Jan 12, 2012
British artist Hirst made millions in a 2008 auction. His latest marketing drive features a global gallery sale of his “Spot Paintings.”
An employee looks at the artwork 'Hydroquinone, 2006', part of the artist Damien Hirst's exhibition 'The Complete Spot Paintings' at the Gagosian Gallery on Jan. 12, 2012 in London, England. The exhibition is taking place in 11 locations across the world, with more than 300 paintings created by the artist lent to the Gargosian gallery by private individuals and public institutions.
Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

Art investors see big gains

Jan 9, 2012
The high-end art market smoked traditional investing in 2011.

Go grab your Google Goggles, get to the Getty

Jun 28, 2011
The Getty Museum in Los Angeles is now Android enabled. You can take a picture of a painting in the permanent collection from the free Google...

Guggenheim to use 100,000 dollar bills for art

May 4, 2011
Sometimes a dollar is just a dollar. And sometimes that greenback is a work of art. That's what the dollar -- 100,000 of them, actually -- will ...

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3 in 4 Americans engaged in the arts when technology is factored in

Feb 25, 2011
Researchers have taken a data mining dive into a 2008 survey and come up with some pretty remarkable results. The 2008 Survey of Public...

Is this art? The Smithsonian gets into gaming

Feb 22, 2011
Beginning March 16, 2012, The Smithsonian Institute will celebrate the art of video games. The exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum wil...

Twitter + photography = art

Sep 30, 2010
Artists Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman take location data from Twitter tweets, go to the place where the tweet originated and photograph it, and...