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Can you teach an old antiques business new tricks?

Dec 6, 2021
This San Francisco antiques business got its start by looking to the past. Now it's trying to prepare for an uncertain future.
Shippodo Fine Arts in the San Francisco Bay area primarily focuses on Japanese and Chinese antiques.
Photo courtesy of Ryosuke Ueda

The one vintage thing that doesn't appeal to millennials: Furniture

Aug 15, 2017
They're not as interested in those formal candlelight suppers.
Antique store owner Greg Nolte says large antique dining table sets are not of interest to his millennial customers.
Allison Lee/ for Marketplace

Your cherished antique may not be very valuable

Feb 27, 2014
Antique American furniture has lost its appeal, and prices for anything not the best have plunged

Why you shouldn't sell historic art on eBay

Jul 29, 2013
eBay sellers who listed a piece of the original Schindler's list received no bids for the historic document.