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If Congress won’t raise wages for all workers, what are some other methods?

Apr 30, 2021
This is the longest the U.S. has gone without seeing an increasing to the federal minimum wage. President Joe Biden is increasing it for child care workers in his American Families Plan, and for federal contractors through executive order.
Service industry worker Pam Araiza speaks in support of the Raise the Wage Act, which includes a $15 minimum wage for tipped workers, back in January.
Jemal Countess/Getty Images for One Fair Wage

Biden's new plan would invest heavily in children and families

Apr 26, 2021
Pandemic child care struggles and economic fallout may create a more receptive environment for Biden administration priorities.
During the pandemic, "there was a greater recognition for employers in the business community that child care is really the workforce that supports all other workforces," says Cindy Cisneros of the Committee for Economic Development.
Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images