Airlines cut flights as demand plummets

Mar 10, 2020
Deciding which flights to cancel means considering the effects on the entire, byzantine, schedule.
Flights are nearly empty due to coronavirus fears.
Laurel Chor/Getty Images

What would make you boycott a company?

Can consumers regulate businesses with the power of PR?
An American Airlines plane is seen on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

NAACP warns African-Americans about traveling with American Airlines

Oct 26, 2017
The president of the civil rights group talks with us about rewarding companies that treat all customers equally.
NAACP President Derrick Johnson says his organization has already spoken with an American Airlines vice president and wants to meet with the CEO.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

No, you aren't crazy, airline seats are getting smaller

Sep 5, 2017
Justin Bachman, who wrote about "The Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat" for Bloomberg, stopped by to talk to Kai Ryssdal.
The screens  offered on many flights are one way to keep you content in a tiny space for several hours.
Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Qatar Airways’ plan to invest in American Airlines seen as a bid to undercut criticism

Jun 22, 2017
Qatar Airways, the national airline of that embattled Persian Gulf nation, plans to invest about $808 million in American Airlines. This is an unsolicited investment — a purchase of voting shares on the open market. This comes as U.S. airlines,…

The American-U.S. Airways merger drags on

Sep 30, 2016
The combined airline will merge key IT systems this weekend.
An American Airlines plane is seen on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Desperately need pilots? Try paying them more

Sep 16, 2016
Two regional American Airlines subsidiaries are raising pilot pay to counter the shortage.
Two American Airlines subsidiaries, PSA Airlines and Envoy Air, will increase pay for regional pilots.
Image via American Airlines

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Passengers at O'Hare International Airport wait in line to be screened at a TSA checkpoint on May 16, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.
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American will try no-frills pricing next year

Oct 26, 2015
The carrier is cutting prices in cities with competition from cut-rate airlines.

Major airlines under investigation for collusion

Jul 2, 2015
The DOJ is looking into whether airlines have worked together to keep prices high.

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