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AMC moves to simplify its stock situation

Aug 22, 2023
The theater chain has been issuing stock to help it pay down debt, after struggling with declining movie ticket sales. But now, it wants to streamline the type of stock it offers.
Preferred shares are a lot like normal stocks, but they often lock companies into paying regular dividends that aren't tax deductible.
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Coming soon to a theater near you: company Zoom meetings

Nov 8, 2022
The movie theater chain AMC and meeting technology company Zoom plan to offer ginormous teleconferences for remote workforces.
AMC is set to partner with Zoom to stream company meetings in movie theaters next year.
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Can big-screen cinemas be saved?

Nov 3, 2020
AMC Theatres, reporting a brutal quarterly loss in revenues, turn to studios for a deal to stay afloat.
A worker at a reopened AMC theater in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, in August.
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